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Generate Higher Revenues with a Blended Exchange

Programmatic alone does not work in mobile. With a blended exchange, publishers can deliver demand from multiple sources and maximize yield with technology and expertise to generate the most revenue.

The [a•mo•bee] for Publishers platform is a comprehensive, configurable, and secure Supply Side Platform (SSP).

[a•mo•bee] for Publishers was designed from the ground up by mobile professionals with a singular focus—to help publishers increase their advertising revenue across all channels.

[a•mo•bee] provides a "white glove", world-class, fully-managed optimization service to connect demand from [a•mo•bee]'s global agency and 100+ third-party demand sources.

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Publisher News

[a•mo•bee] Exchange Wins Coveted “Best Publishing Platform” Award at Mobile Media Summit Mobile Mafia Awards - October 2, 2014

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digital marketing
AdWeek Logo AMI Taps [a•mo•bee] to Handle Mobile Advertising
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How it works

[a•mo•bee] for Publishers - Capabilities

Inventory Management

Access sophisticated tools to help communicate the value of your inventory.

  • Forecasting: increase selling efficiency by forecasting availability by a variety of factors like targeting attributes, seasonality, device types, geography, etc.
  • Audience management: quickly understand the size and value of
    your users
  • Content classification: classify your inventory by custom or IAB standard contextual categories
  • Inventory bundling: create bundles that aggregate inventory across apps and sites based on contextual, audience or targeting attributes

Campaign Management

Sell campaigns to meet a variety of advertiser objectives to maximize the value of your premium inventory.

  • Campaign types: CPM, CPC, CD, CPI, CPA, CPV, Click2Call, Click2SMS
  • Priorities: tenancy, premium guaranteed, premium, companion ads
  • Optimization: frequency caps, budget caps, click caps, day parting,
    delivery smoothing
  • Ad experiences: IAB/MMA banners, Interstitials, MRAID, [a•mo•bee] Rich Media, [a•mo•bee] 3D, video, VAST
  • Meta-data: attach information like IOs, advertiser category, sales persons to every campaign


Improve the user ad experience by providing the right advertising to the right audience, including support for geo-fencing.

  • Standard targeting: by device, operator, operating platform, etc.
  • Enhanced targeting: based on unique insights into your audience, such as user demographics, page context, keywords, etc.
  • Location: hyper-local, geo-fencing, DMA, city, state, region, country, continent
  • Other targeting: enhance your declared & inferred data with other 3rd party data sources

Ad Serving

A real-time, carrier-grade ad server designed for optimal campaign performance and delivery.

  • Multi-dimensional ad selection algorithm that factors in targeting, campaign progress, user exposure, pricing, availability, block lists, etc.
  • Supports 3rd-party tags
  • Easy generation, distribution and tracking of JavaScript (JS) tags for easy audience extension

Analytics & Reporting

Detailed insights into inventory and campaign performance

  • Single UI to access revenue from all your channels: direct, RTB, mediation
  • Geographic breakdown of inventory performance
  • Comprehensive campaign reporting, scheduling and emailing capabilities

3rd Party Mediation Adaptors

[a•mo•bee] is an approved mediation network for Google's DoubleClick for Publishers and AdMob ad serving solutions. The [a•mo•bee] Adapter gives any publisher who utilizes DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) or Admob as their ad serving solution the ability to easily integrate into [a•mo•bee]'s global monetization platform and serve [a•mo•bee] 3D ads.

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