Amobee Exchange

Generate Higher Revenues With A Blended Exchange

Programmatic Alone Does Not Work In Mobile

With a blended exchange, publishers can deliver demand from multiple sources and maximize yield with technology and expertise to generate the most revenue.

The Amobee for Publishers platform is a comprehensive, configurable and secure Supply Side Platform (SSP) designed from the ground up by mobile professionals to help publishers increase their advertising revenue across all channels.

In addition, Amobee provides a “white glove,” world-class, fully-managed optimization service to connect demand from Amobee’s global agency and 100+ third-party demand sources.

Amobee is an approved mediation network for Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers and AdMob ad serving solutions. Any publisher who utilizes DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) or Admob as their ad serving solution can easily integrate into Amobee’s global monetization platform and serve Amobee 3D ads.

Amobee for Publishers Capabilities

Access sophisticated tools to help communicate the value of your inventory.

  • Forecasting: increase selling efficiency by leveraging a variety of factors (e.g., targeting attributes, seasonality, device types, geography) to forecast availability
  • Audience management: quickly understand the size and value of your users
  • Content classification: classify your inventory by custom or IAB standard contextual categories
  • Inventory bundling: create bundles that aggregate inventory across apps and sites based on contextual, audience or targeting attributes
Sell campaigns to meet a variety of advertiser objectives to maximize the value of your premium inventory.

  • Campaign types: CPM, CPC, CD, CPI, CPA, CPV, Click2Call, Click2SMS
  • Priorities: tenancy, premium guaranteed, premium, companion ads
  • Optimization: frequency caps, budget caps, click caps, day parting, delivery smoothing
  • Ad experiences: IAB/MMA banners, interstitials, MRAID, Amobee Rich Media, Amobee 3D, video, VAST
  • Meta-data: attach information like IOs, advertiser category and sales persons to every campaign
Improve the user ad experience by providing the right advertising to the right audience, including support for geo-fencing.

  • Standard targeting: by device, operator, operating platform, etc.
  • Enhanced targeting: based on unique insights into your audience, such as user demographics, page context, keywords, etc.
  • Location: hyper-local, geo-fencing, DMA, city, state, region, country, continent
  • Other targeting: enhance your declared & inferred data with other third-party data sources
Deliver optimal campaign performance via our real-time, carrier-grade ad server

  • Multi-dimensional ad selection algorithm factors in targeting, campaign progress, user exposure, pricing, availability, block lists, etc.
  • Supports third-party tags
  • Easy generation, distribution and tracking of JavaScript (JS) tags for easy audience extension
Tap into detailed insights into inventory and campaign performance

  • Single UI to access revenue from all your channels: direct, RTB, mediation
  • Geographic breakdown of inventory performance
  • Comprehensive campaign reporting, scheduling and emailing capabilities
  • Third-party mediation adaptors