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How are [a•mo•bee] 3D ads unique?  

User experience - Chances are, you've never seen anything like an [a•mo•bee] 3D ad. They’re fast, fun and engaging.

Analytics - We track every event that takes place in the ad. In the near future, we’ll inform advertisers precisely which parts of the 3D product the audience is most interested in.

Which devices are supported?


  [a•mo•bee] 3D ads work on iOS, Android, and desktop computers.
Who are 3D ads for?  

Whether you’re a marketer or agency, [a•mo•bee] can provide your audience with an unforgettable brand experience. Viewers can touch, customize and explore your products and environments. We’ve worked with brands like Jeep, Ford, Expedia, Autodesk, BMW, Samsung, and The Weather Channel.

Why immersive 3D?  

3D ads generate click-through rates signifcantly higher than the industry average. Immersive mobile 3D ads also increase brand awareness by maximizing user engagement. [a•mo•bee] 3D ads generate three to four times the engagement rate of standard rich me

dia ads.

Do I need special glasses to view them?

  No special glasses are needed.

Are there advantages to [a•mo•bee] 3D over HTML 5?


  [a•mo•bee] 3D ads take advantage of a mobile device’s capabilities such as touch, accelerometer, gyrometer and GPS to deliver life-like 3D ads. On desktop, interactions are driven using a computer mouse.
What sizes are available?   [a•mo•bee] 3D ads can be full-screen units, or expandable banners based on MRAID standard dimensions.

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