Amobee Brand Intelligence Makes Your Media Smart


Amobee Brand Intelligence provides comprehensive monitoring of brand and product market position, related trends and sentiment, the competitive ecosystem, and relevant consumer interests using real-time and historical data from across the digital ecosystem.

We offer a comprehensive analysis of these trends and sentiments so you can better understand your audiences and develop media and marketing strategies that will better connect with them.

With almost three quarters of consumers time online spent watching videos, reading articles, buying gifts, and browsing on non-social sites and apps, our platform evaluates data from a variety of sources to provide a comprehensive understanding of audience activity. The Brand Intelligence interface provides your team with information about trending topics, sentiment fluctuations, and relevant content at a glance.

  • Track changes in consumption and sentiment to understand brand perception, and competitive positioning.
  • Understand your audience’s demographic and geographic profile, and changing interests.
  • Find topics associated with your brand, and learn which ones are becoming more popular.
  • Discover the content driving engagement with your brand.

Brand Insights and Benchmarking

Amobee Brand Intelligence provides comprehensive monitoring of trends by using both real-time and historical data. Amobee offers a comprehensive view into each trend’s drivers and audience interests.

Customers use Amobee Brand Insights to determine the ideal timing for campaigns, to select the best messages for connecting with their audience, and to measure the impact of marketing on their competitive position.

Industry Dashboard

Amobee Brand Intelligence measures key trends and content consumption across entire industries. Dashboards provide both big picture and more granular views of multiple industries and market segments.

Content Intelligence & Trend Discovery

Our platform’s “content landscape” view allows you to see trending content and related concepts of interest for any given subject, be it a brand, product, celebrity, passion point, or competitor.


Heatmap View

Our platform’s “heatmap” view lets you identify and react to developing trends within your areas of interest. This information enables powerful targeting across platforms, as well as agile social and digital marketing.

For any topic or passion point, you can also compare an audience’s consumption of your content to their consumption of external content in our. Knowing past consumption patterns allows you to better plan for and target for upcoming marketing activities.

Content Stream View

Our platform’s “content stream” view lets you see the specific content that is most likely to engage your audiences.