Brand Intelligence Activated Across All Media Channels


Amobee provides cross channel digital marketing solutions for brands and agencies.

Our proprietary Amobee Brand Intelligence platform gives you a deeper understanding of audience interests through analysis of real-time and historical content consumption, trends, and sentiment across the digital ecosystem. We apply those data and insights to your marketing strategies and media activation across all channels and devices to generate unparalleled ROI.

Intelligent Targeting and Real-Time Ad Serving

Amobee Brand Intelligence technology is fully integrated with our ad serving platform, empowering you to:

  • Layer Amobee Brand Intelligence data and insights with advertiser and, or third party data and insights on your digital campaigns
  • Optimize cross channel ad spending allocation at scale and in real-time for increased performance and audience extension
  • Activate media around relevant, real-time micro trends that matter to your consumers
  • Maximize digital marketing opportunities during key tent pole events

Full Service Program Execution

Whether your campaign objectives are to acquire new users, increase loyalty with new offers, or drive awareness and engagement for your brand, Amobee provides:

  • Proprietary Amobee Brand Intelligence analysis and reporting
  • Media buying and planning for programs that include display, video, mobile, email, and social
  • Audience management
  • Guaranteed viewability for display and video
  • Brand safety solutions
  • Post-campaign reporting and insights

Engaging Creative

Amobee’s award-winning creative services team designs, builds, and delivers cutting edge digital ad campaigns for mobile and display, which include innovative rich media and deeply engaging 3D ads.